Inspection Services

Residential Home Inspection

Our Residential Home Inspection adheres to the Standards of Practice (SOP) from ASHI, InterNACHI, and FABI. As long as they are visible and can be accessed safely, the following areas of the home are thoroughly inspected:



-Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure






-Attic, Insulation & Ventilation

-Doors, Windows & Interior

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We offer these additional services:

new construction home inspection
Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Our Pre-Listing Inspection can help home sellers by ensuring that their properties are appealing and free from damages before potential buyers see them. We do the inspection before the home is listed, allowing the seller to update and repair the home as needed before they show it to potential buyers.

Pre and Post-Rental Inspections

We offer both Pre and Post-Rental Inspections to keep both the owner and tenant on the same page at the time of move-in and move-out. We provide a report of the existing damages in the home before the new tenant moves in, and this can be used to officially detail whether new damages have occurred during the tenant’s stay.

Commercial Building Inspection

We do inspections for small commercial buildings and properties. During these inspections, we check for damage and defects in the building and all of its units, as long as they are visible and safely accessible.

New Construction Inspection

During a New Construction inspection, we check that builders have not made any oversights in construction before the final walkthrough is completed. This ensures that the home is defect-free and completely safe for future buyers or bank draw purposes.

New Construction Phase Inspection

New Construction Inspections are performed on a phase-by-phase basis. We will inspect new components of the home or commercial property in phases while it is being built, allowing the builder to perform repairs as needed before moving on to the next phase. It is encouraged that buyers get New Construction Phase Inspections as there tend to be more problems with new homes than ones that have already been lived in; these inspections can also be used for bank draws.

4 Point Inspection

4 Point Inspections are typically requested for insurance purposes and include only four significant areas of the home:





4 Point Inspections should not take the place of a complete Buyer’s Home Inspection.

Wind Mitigation and Hail Damage Inspection

We offer Wind Mitigation and Hail Damage Inspections, which are typically required in order to get specific insurance credits. During inspection, we see which add-ons or features the home has that protect it from the harsh weather and wind that occurs in Florida.

Pool and Spa Inspection

It is important for your safety and that of your family to have your pool and spa routinely inspected. We will make sure that all components of the pool/spa are in working order and offer insight about safety upgrades or possible malfunctioning.

Renovation Inspection

We offer Renovation Inspections to help homeowners determine whether new renovations are being completed safely and accurately. These can be requested even in the middle of a renovation project and are helpful for both professional and DIY renovations.

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